AveCure Catheters and Probes Precisely Target Energy

The AveCure device has features that enable precise energy targeting to treat single or multiple lesions:

  • Plug-n-play design with no cooling requirement.
  • Wide range of shaft lengths, diameter and flexibility.
  • Four (4) antennas sizes, 1, 2, 3, and 4 cm active elements to match treatment volume.
  • Depth markers for easy positioning: 1-cm bands along the shaft behind the antenna zone.
  • Robust Probe Design optimizes energy transmission and positioning, and NO ceramic components to chip or crack off.
  • Built-in Temperature Sensor enables power control with temperature feedback for safe, effective, and predictable results.
  • Separate Extension Cables: no cable to add weight and drag during positioning.
Flexible Device
Flexible Device
Rigid Device
Rigid Device
Hybrid Device (Rigid Shaft with flexible Body)
Hybrid Device (Rigid Shaft with flexible Body)

AveCure Intelligent Controller

  • Intelligent-Controller: only system in the market to modulate power pulse train to control temperature and energy delivery during therapy to optimize safety, efficacy, and predictability.
  • Dynamic Frequency (902-928 MHz) selection adapts to tissue change during therapy to optimize energy delivery to the targeted tissue for predictability.
  • Adjustable temperature settings between 60-130°C reduces the risk of charring and over-doing for predictable therapy with no vessel damage.
  • Efficient energy delivery treats large volume of disease in a short time with a single device.
  • Complete therapy next to vessels for lower recurrence rates (R. c. G. Martin et al. Surgical Oncology, August 2009).
  • Real-time display of therapy data such as, temperature(°C), power(w), time and energy(k-joules) assure users.
  • Multiple antenna sizes: 1, 2, 3, and 4 cm active elements for precise therapy volume control.
  • Multiple Generators can simultaneously be used to treat large disease volumes.
  • MR, CT and US imaging compatible.

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