AveCure Catheters and Probes Precisely Target Energy

The AveCure device has features that enable precise energy targeting to treat single or multiple lesions:

  • Plug-n-play design with no cooling requirement.
  • Wide range of shaft lengths, diameter and flexibility.
  • Four (4) antennas sizes, 1, 2, 3, and 4 cm active elements to match treatment volume.
  • Depth markers for easy positioning: 1-cm bands along the shaft behind the antenna zone.
  • Robust Probe Design optimizes energy transmission and positioning, and NO ceramic components to chip or crack off.
  • Built-in Temperature Sensor enables power control with temperature feedback for safe, effective, and predictable results.
  • Separate Extension Cables: no cable to add weight and drag during positioning.

AveCure Intelligent Controller

  • Intelligent-Controller: only system in the market to modulate power pulse train to control temperature and energy delivery during therapy to optimize safety, efficacy, and predictability.
  • Dynamic Frequency (902-928 MHz) selection adapts to tissue change during therapy to optimize energy delivery to the targeted tissue for predictability.
  • Adjustable temperature settings between 60-130°C reduces the risk of charring and over-doing for predictable therapy with no vessel damage.
  • Efficient energy delivery treats large volume of disease in a short time with a single device.
  • Complete therapy next to vessels for lower recurrence rates (R. c. G. Martin et al. Surgical Oncology, August 2009).
  • Real-time display of therapy data such as, temperature(°C), power(w), time and energy(k-joules) assure users.
  • Multiple antenna sizes: 1, 2, 3, and 4 cm active elements for precise therapy volume control.
  • Multiple Generators can simultaneously be used to treat large disease volumes.
  • MR, CT and US imaging compatible.

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