MedWaves AveCure Intelligent Therapeutic System helps doctors to eradicate soft-tissue diseases, with minimally invasive approach.

MedWaves AveCure technology provides doctors with option to perform minimally invasive and/or invasive surgery to destroy local tumors. It can be used in adjuvant with chemotherapy and/or radiation-therapy.  For some patients, it may be the only viable option when all else fails.

In some cases, AveCure technology can be applied to eliminate tumors at the same time as the biopsy.  Patients are put under sedation while an energy device is fed through a biopsy needle.  After a piece of the tumor is removed and verified, doctor uses medical imaging devices to help place the device directly inside the tumor and destroy it with one or more energy applications.

In cases where surgery is unavoidable, AveCure technology can aid the doctor to destroy or debulking tumors that cannot be removed. This can maximize the potential for destroying tumors during the surgical procedure.

AveCure system precisely targets diseased tissue with energy from within or surfaces to destroy it. The doctor inserts a microwave antenna designed to ablate a specific amount of tissue at the end of a needle-like device into the target using an imaging guidance system such as ultrasound or computer tomography. Once the antenna is embedded in position and verified, programmed dosage of energy is delivered from a microwave generator to produce an amount of destruction needed to cover the lesion.

If the amount to be destroyed is greater than possible with single positioning of the device, it can be re-positioned, and energy reapplied as necessary to produce larger overlapping volumes or may simultaneously use multiple device to shorten the procedure.

During the energy delivery, a built-in temperature sensor near the antenna provides feedback to the generator to control the energy.  This prevents the ablation zone from reaching excessive heat levels and runaway temperatures that could cause collateral damage.

The energy field directly destroys tissues and produces temperatures above 60°C, which causes instant cell death.  The destroyed and dead tissues are absorbed into normal body waste, and small scar tissues may remain.  Microwave ablation provides a safe, effective and minimally invasive treatment technique. An alternative for those patients who are not candidates for surgery.

  • Microwave ablation is performed by an interventional radiologist, a physician who is specially trained to perform minimally invasive procedures using imaging guidance.
  • Your doctor will discuss with you the preparation and the type of anesthesia to be used for your procedure. Microwave ablation is usually delivered percutaneously (through the skin). A nick is made in the skin surface, and the slender applicator is inserted through the skin and into the target tissue using imaging guidance, such as CT ultrasound, and/or fluoroscopy (moving X-ray). Once the doctor has determined that the applicator has been properly positioned into the target area, he/she will start the control system (generator). The generator will deliver microwave energy to the diseased tissue. The doctor will determine the appropriate energy level and length of time that the energy is applied, based on the size and shape of the diseased tissue area. Usually only a few minutes are required to ablate the targeted diseased tissue.
  • If there are several areas of tissue to be treated, the doctor may repeat this process for each area. Several areas of tissue can be coagulated during the same procedure.
  • Microwave ablation can also be delivered during a surgical procedure. Your doctor will discuss your post-operative care and outpatient follow-up with you, including follow-up imaging scans to check on your progress.

Microwave ablation can be used in the treatment techniques described below.  However, you should consult with your doctor to determine, which is best for you based on size, number, location and severity of your condition.

Percutaneous (minimally invasive)

AveCure device is introduced directly through the skin and guided into place with an imaging system such as CT (computer tomography), MR (magnetic resonance) and US (ultrasound). The patients are sedated for comfort and to produce the best result. Patient can usually go home the next day or same day.

Laparoscopic (minimally invasive)

Several tiny incisions are made, allowing the insertion of microwave antenna and imaging probes.  This requires general anesthesia. You can usually go home the next day. It produces small to tiny scars.

Open surgery (invasive)

Ablation is performed during surgery, allowing the doctor to view the tumor before, during and after treatment.  Usually, intra-operative imaging ultrasound is used to position the antenna and monitor the ablation process.  General anesthesia and several days of hospital stay are required. This produces the largest scars.

MedWaves AveCure system can be used alone, adjunct, or adjuvant with another cancer treatment to bring about more effective results. Treatment of choice depends on the size, location, number and severity of the disease, and your general health.  Your doctor will help you decide if microwave ablation is a good option for you.

  • Thermal ablation is the direct application of energy, using either heat or cold, to diseased soft tissue (tumors) to achieve total or substantial destruction of the target tissue.
  • Thermal ablation can be applied directly to the diseased tissue using various methods.
  • Microwave ablation applies high heat directly to the diseased tissue, which agitates water molecules in the tissue, generates heat, and causes ablation of the target tissue.
  • Radiofrequency ablation applies high heat directly to the diseased tissue, which causes an electric current to be generated in the tissue, generates heat and causes ablation of the target tissue.
  • High Intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) focuses high intensity ultrasound waves on the diseased tissue, which generates heat and causes ablation of the target tissue.
  • Cryoablation applies extremely cold temperatures directly to the diseased tissue to cause ablation of the target tissue.
  • A generator/control system (machine) and a slender rod-shaped applicator, referred to as an antenna, are used to deliver and monitor the treatment. The applicator is placed directly into the target tissue and connected to the control system. The control system is then used to deliver a controlled amount of microwave energy into the targeted diseased tissue. Depending on the control system, microwave energy is generated using a frequency of either 915 MHz or 2450 MHz. The microwave energy travels down the applicator and directly into the tissue.
  • The high heat generated by the interaction of the microwaves with the water molecules causes the diseased tissue to coagulate, leading to cellular death.

The MedWaves  AveCure™ microwave ablation system has been cleared by the FDA for use in people for coagulation (ablation) of soft tissue.

This is a topic that you and your physician need to thoroughly discuss to determine whether microwave ablation, or another treatment, is the right treatment for your diagnosis.

  • Your physician will administer medications, as needed, to minimize your pain, but the pain level can very depending on the patient. Please discuss pain and other potential complications (side effects) with your physician prior to the procedure.
  • These questions and answers are intended for informational purposes and should not be used to make a decision on how to treat your diseased soft tissue. You and your physician must make the decision regarding the best treatment for you.