Microwave Ablation for Outpatient Procedures

In Interventional Radiology, you strive to diagnose and treat various diseases using minimally invasive procedures.  By providing alternatives to open surgery, as an Interventional Radiologist, you reduce risk, pain and recovery time for patients. However, you need the best tools for the many outpatient procedures you perform:

  • Soft tissue ablation procedures
  • Organ-directed therapies
  • Vascular work
  • Pain management
  • Drainage catheters
  • Port and PICC Line Placement


Limitations of RF Ablation

For tumor ablation procedures, many clinicians choose thermal RF ablation as a minimally invasive treatment option in non-operative patients, and debulking of diseased tissue. However, RF ablation is fundamentally limited by its heating mechanism.hc

Tissue temperatures during electrical conduction must be kept below 100 °C to prevent charring and a subsequent rise in electrical impedance which limits growth of the ablation zone. Also, low frequency radiofrequency (RF) ablation may be effective for small and more peripheral tumors, but the risk of treatment failure is higher for larger or centrally located tumors.

And, while thermal ablation is an increasingly attractive choice for the treatment of unresectable tumors in the lung, RF ablation has several technical limitations for treating lung tumors.  High electrical impedance characterizes normal aerated lung tissue.  This high impedance limits current flow, and decreases the amount of energy that can RF ablation can deposit.  Less energy deposition leads to lower tissue temperatures, and smaller ablation zones, which ultimately increasing the risk of treatment failure.

RF ablation is also limited by an inability to heat charred or desiccated tissue and to overcome the heat sink effect of local blood flow.

Benefits of Microwave Ablation

In contrast, Microwave Ablation platforms provide safe, effective, economical and user-friendly therapeutic energy.  The MedWaves microwave ablation systems do NOT require irrigation, cooling and return pads like the other products in the market.hc2

  • The microwave generator-controller includes important safety features such as precise temperature and power controls for predictable coagulation-ablation effects.
  • Regular-predictable ablation-zone size and shape; unaffected by varying tissue electrical resistance and minimally affected by cooling blood flow.
  • No return pads to cause extra burns.
  • Minimum to no pain and no nerve-muscular reaction during energy application (no current flow).