Microwave Ablation Generators and Probes for Precise Control and Placement

The MedWaves AveCure™ system, which includes a microwave generator and sterile single-patient-use probes, enables surgeons, radiological oncologists and interventional radiologists to safely treat soft tissue problems using thermal coagulation-ablation.

The AveCure™ system uses temperature and power feedback from the antenna and nearby tissue to intelligently control microwave power to the ablation zone.  Changes in temperature and power absorption are indicative of thermal tissue destruction brought on by microwave energy absorbed in the ablation zone. By utilizing and displaying dynamic changes in temperature and power, MedWaves’ AveCure™ system safely and efficiently ablates small, medium, or large zones using far less power than other ablation systems in the market.

The same feedbacks are available for the user to manage the ablation process with confidence. Therefore, MedWaves’ is inherently safer, does not require irrigation cooling, and is less likely to cause collateral damage.

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Click this link to download the AveCure Generator & Probes datasheet.